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🚀 👾 A Drone/UAV Programming Library for Rust.
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🚀 👾 U.F.O: Universal Flying Objects

A Drone/UAV/Quadcopter/RC Plane programming library for Rust.

FYI: this is still a WIP, the traits and structs exist, but examples and documentation are lacking... Proceed with caution.


  1. Build an extensible modular library that can support an infinite number of UAVs.
  2. Handle as much of the boiler plate as possible. (Things just work)
  3. Low Latency Between Drone and Controller


  • Implement A UI for controlling UAVs (NOTE: I may decide to build a UI later on, but it will be in its own repository)
    • For controlling the drones using a keyboard checkout mothership
  • Support other types of robotics/RCs, right now this crate is for RC Drones and Planes. This may change at a later date, but not right now.

Supported drones

Right now UFO supports the following drones:

  • JJRC H61

Feel free to implement controls for your own drone and submit it in a pull request.

Installation and usage

Add this to your Cargo.toml

ufo_rs = "*"

And put something like this in src/

/// Import std stuff
use std::error::Error;
use std::time::Duration;
use std::thread;

// Import traits
use ufo_rs::traits::control::*;
use ufo_rs::traits::drone::*;

// Import controller
use ufo_rs::drones::jjrc::h61;

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>> {
    let delay = Duration::from_millis(2000);

    // Create a new drone driver
    let mut driver = h61::Driver::new();

    // Connect to drone

    // Calibrate drone 




    // Wait 2 seconds
    // Take off
    println!("Taking off...");



    // Wait again for 1 second

    // Land

    // Ta-dah!

See the examples/ directory for more information.

Help out

If you want to help with U.F.O, we could use support in two areas:

  1. Writing Unit Tests, I want to make sure the U.F.O. is a safe and stable way to program drones. If we can find areas prone to bugs, we can build a more stable library quickly.
  2. Adding support for more drones. If you would like to help with this or to see an example, please take a look at src/drones/jjrc/


Inspired by:

  • Gobot: Really cool robotics library for Go
  • A lack of a drone library for Rust
  • Flying things with code is fun 😄!
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