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vtki is a VTK helper module that takes a different approach on interfacing with VTK through NumPy and direct array access. This module simplifies mesh creation and plotting by adding functionality to existing VTK objects.

This module can be used for scientific plotting for presentations and research papers as well as a supporting module for other mesh dependent Python modules.


Refer to the Read the Docs documentation for detailed installation and usage details.

Also see the wiki for brief code snippets.


Installation is simply:

pip install vtki

You can also visit PyPi or GitHub to download the source.

See the Installation for more details if the installation through pip doesn't work out.


Head over to the Quick Examples page in the docs to learn more about using vtki.

  • Pythonic interface to VTK's Python-C++ bindings
  • Filtering/plotting tools built for interactivity in Jupyter notebooks (see IPython Tools)
  • Direct access to common VTK filters (see Filters)
  • Intuitive plotting routines with matplotlib similar syntax (see Plotting)


vtki is a powerful tool that researchers can harness to create compelling, integrated visualizations of large datasets in an intuitive, Pythonic manner. Here are a few open-source projects that leverage vtki:

  • pyansys: Pythonic interface to ANSYS result, full, and archive files
  • PVGeo: Python package of VTK-based algorithms to analyze geoscientific data and models. vtki is used to make the inputs and outputs of PVGeo's algorithms more accessible.
  • omfvtk: 3D visualization for the Open Mining Format (omf). vtki provides the foundation for this libraries visualization.
  • discretize: Discretization tools for finite volume and inverse problems. discretize provides toVTK methods that return vtki versions of their data types for creating compelling visualizations.
  • pymeshfix: Python/Cython wrapper of Marco Attene's wonderful, award-winning MeshFix software.
  • tetgen: Python Interface to Hang Si's C++ TetGen Library