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Browse your kindle clippings and export them to evernote
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Browse your kindle clippings and export them to evernote, try it out.

Built with enyojs, babel, ASP.NET(eugh), and ❤️.

app screenshot

Basic Usage

Loading Clippings

Drag and drop, or select the text file containing your clippings when starting the app. Your clippings are stored locally for the duration of your session.

ℹ️ Kindle clippings are stored in the My Clippings.txt text file located in the kindle's documents folder (on kindle keyboard at least).

adding clippings

Exporting Clippings to Evernote

Click on the Export Clippings button on the upper right to export all clippings. To export a selection of clippings click on checkmark button on the lower left, select your clippings, and then click on the Export Selected Clippings on the upper right:

exporting selected clippings


Click on the upper left burger button to fiddle with fonts, font size, text margin, and to revoke the app's evernote permissions. Settings are stored locally.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
j select next clipping
k select previous clipping
f toggle fullscreen


You will need node, npm, gulp, mono-complete, mono-xsp4, and a mongoDB database.

To build:

  • npm install
  • bower install
  • Get C# package dependencies by opening the project solution in monodevelop and selecting Project > Restore NuGet Packages, or by running mono nuget.exe restore k2e/packages.config -PackagesDirectory packages (needs nuget.exe, instructions)
  • You will need to set your evernote OAuth consumer key and secret, and a url for a mongoDB database. You can place an EvernoteCredentials.config file inside the k2e folder (it will be copied over to the dist folder when executing the dist task) to set configuration options. A minimal example for development follows, all options are presented in the next section.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <add key="PublicKey" value="<OAuth consumer key>"/>
  <add key="SecretKey" value="<OAuth consumer secret>"/>
  <add key="MongoConnectionString" value="mongodb://"/>


  • gulp dist will create a distributable under the dist folder
  • cd dist && xsp4 will run a server for the distributable


  • gulp build will build a debug version of the ASP.NET app, and compile scripts and stylesheets
  • cd k2e && xsp4 will run a server for the debug version

Configuration Options

Key Description
PublicKey OAuth consumer key
SecretKey OAuth consumer secret
Production Will use production evernote url if not empty
DeploymentMongoConnectionKey The key name of a key-value pair containing a mongo URI, used for deployment. Default value is MONGOLAB_URI. If the key-value pair has a non-empty value it will be used as the url for the mongo database
MongoConnectionString Used to connect to a local mongo installation, taken into account if the value of the key-value pair with the key name defined in DeploymentMongoConnectionKey is empty. Default value is mongodb://
AppHbDeployment Used to indicate if the app runs on AppHarbor
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