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Blender addon for aligning an object (e.g. a sun) to match the brightest part in a HDRI environment
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HDRI Sun Aligner

HDRI Sun Aligner is a Blender 2.8 addon for automatically rotating an object (e.g. a sun) to match the brightest point in a HDRI environment texture. Some ideas when this may be useful:

  • Adding a sun to a scene rendered by EEVEE, as EEVEE cannot render shadows from HDRI environment textures
  • Adding any light to enhance a scene, in alignment with direct light from the environment


  • Add a HDRI environment texture (equirectangular projection) to the World in Blender
  • Open both the 3D Viewport and an Image Editor
  • HDRI Sun Aligner is accessed from the panel to the right:

  • Calculate the brightest point in the HDRI used for the environment by clicking on "Calculate sun position"
  • A preview of the calculated position is displayed in the image editor:

  • Updated "Longitude and Latitude" values are displayed in the panel (can be changed manually)
  • Select any object and click "Rotate object" to align it with a vector from the calculated point to origo
  • To add a new sun (rotated in alignment with the current sun position), click "Add new sun"
    • The new sun will be located in a new collection, "HDRI Sun Aligner"

Installation of HDRI Sun Aligner addon

  1. Download latest release from (source as ZIP).
  2. Open Blender preferences -> addons and select "Install from file"...
  3. Activate the addon, "HDRI Sun Aligner"
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