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A maintenance tracker app
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A maintainence tracker application used by users to file maintenance requests and watch the progress of the request.

Getting Statrted

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


Having the following installed on your local machine and an even basic knowledge of their usage would make running/testing this project a breeze for you:

- NodeJs (This project was built on Node v8.11.1)
- ExpressJs
- Postman (for testing the API)
- Chai + chai-http (assertion library for tests)
- Git


Grab a copy of the repo to your local machine by running:

$ git clone

After cloning, cd into the project directory:

$ cd mantrckr

Install packages

$ npm install

To start the server run

$ npm start

Once the server is running locally, you can access the app on any browser on your local machine by visiting localhost:3000

You can stop the server anytime from bash by hitting CTRL + C on your keyboard

Running the tests

To run the tests, use

npm test


You can see how the UI looks by visiting Github Page or access the API on Heroku.

Built With



Hat tip to:

  • Andela for giving me this project to learn with,
  • my week 1 LFA (Temitope Emmanuel) for the constructive feedback, and encouragement to push forward,
  • the genius who provided an awesome README template to follow,
  • Ahmed Omonsanya for the 'guidiance' ;)
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