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A plugin of tern for Google Apps Script
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What's this?

This is a plugin of tern for completing Google Apps Script.


$ git clone
$ cd tern-gas
$ npm install -g


A following config is put in .tern-project to enable this plugin.

    "plugins": {
        "gas": {}

Update definition

The definition of Google Apps Script is put as hard code in this plugin.
Therefore, The update of Google Apps Script is not reflected into this plugin.

I'm going to make an effort to follow that, but it might not be done.
In this case, you are able to update this plugin by using the script under contrib directory like a following steps.

$ git clone
$ cd tern-gas
$ npm install opts
$ npm install request
$ npm install jsdom
$ npm install node.extend
$ node contrib/make_plugin.js
$ mv gas.js
$ npm install -g
  • make_plugin.js … A wrapper for fetch_script_reference.js, build_reference.js
  • fetch_script_reference.js … Fetch the reference of Google Apps Script from the site of Google and store that into contrib/refs directory
  • build_reference.js … Collect the reference in contrib/refs directory and convert that to the code for tern

For detail, run they having --help option.


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