Accurate Measuring of Power and Energy for Heterogeneous Resource Environments
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Accurately Measuring Power and Energy for Heterogeneous Resource Environments

author: Achim Lösch (
author: Christoph Knorr (
author: Ahmad El-Ali (
author: Alex Wiens (

All files of the ampehre project are distributed under the terms of the
2-clause BSD license (see LICENSE file for further information).

The Linux driver found in the driver folder is dual licensed under the
terms of the 2-clause BSD license and the GPLv2 license.

The source code in subdirectory cJSON is distributed under the terms of
the MIT license. You can download the original cJSON source code from
SourceForge (

0.1.0 - initial implementation
0.1.1 - add functionality to force FPGA to idle
0.1.2 - add GPU frequency measurements
0.1.3 - add CPU frequency measurements
0.1.4 - add signals for measuring system start and stop
0.1.5 - add CPU performance counters
0.1.6 - add an measuring system driver for cpu stat readings
0.1.7 - add CPU utilization measurements
0.1.8 - add GPU utilization measurements
0.1.9 - add FPGA utilization measurements
0.1.10 - add child execution time measurement
0.1.11 - add a seperate csv printer file to hettime tool
0.1.12 - use more C++ features in library
0.1.13 - make GPU frequency settable
0.1.14 - write a cpufreq test app
0.1.15 - make CPU frequency settable
0.1.16 - add wrapper for heterogenous node and test tool
0.1.17 - add a hettime dummy executable for some hetsched measurements
0.1.18 - hettime dummy tool can be used similar to ordinary "sleep" command
0.1.19 - add a hettime based idle power measurement tool
0.2.0 - add support for msr registers to the measure driver
0.2.1 - add support for IPMI to the measure driver
0.2.2 - add semaphore to synchronize the start of the measurements
0.2.3 - add gpu_management tool and use the tool in the libmeasure
0.2.4 - add version check functionality to library, wrappers, and tools
0.2.5 - add gaussblur example application
0.3.0 - extend libmeasure and add application for online monitoring
0.3.1 - add correlation example application
0.3.2 - add a networking component to show influence of a task to measurements in GUI
0.3.3 - add cpu memory info to measure driver
0.3.4 - add a tool for first intergration tests of mic
0.4.0 - MIC integration into libmeasure
0.4.1 - add MIC support to msmonitor
0.5.0 - add cpu, gpu and mic memory information
0.5.1 - modularized libmeasure
0.5.2 - delete different ThreadTimer classes in libmeasure
0.5.3 - add abstract measure and abstract measure thread
0.5.4 - add dynamic loading of resource specific libraries
0.5.5 - add ResourceLibraryHandler to hide specific libraries in CMgmt
0.5.6 - extended hettime csv printer
0.5.7 - add automatic detection of ipmi device to measure driver
0.5.8 - change project name to ampehre
0.5.9 - first public release
0.5.10 - new libmeasure light version plus a couple of smaller fixes
0.5.11 - add option to control the output to csv file and new RingBuffer to store results to msmonitor
0.6.0 - add ioctl for the ipmi timeout, new parameters to skip certain measurements 
        and to select between the full or light library. 
0.6.1 - add json printer to hettime
0.7.0 - modularized measurement struct
0.7.1 - move functions to query measurement results into the modules
0.7.2 - add real, user and sys time to hettime plus bugfixing result query functions
0.7.3 - add heatmaps to msmonitor and the enum ipmi_timeout_setting in libmeasure
0.7.4 - add query for currently active processes to libmeasure and system overview gui to msmonitor
0.8.0 - add server client monitoring
1.0.0 - add apapi