Convert blocks of code to a highlighted jpeg base64 image.
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Code to Image

Code to Image converts your blocks of code to a highlighted jpeg base64 image. And you can share it to any code-unfriendly website —— Such website doesn't support markdown or <pre><code> tag or anything else that can make your post contains any blocks of code in it.

It is much better than screen shot since you can pick a single image from very large code files. More than 40 programming languages can be highlighted and picked.


Paste blocks of code to textarea and press Ctrl+D to pick image.


git clone
cd code-to-image
npm install


npm start

Compile & Release

npm run compile

Default languages

Default languages included bash; C; C++; C#; HTML; Java; JavaScript; XML; Perl; Python; Ruby; PHP;


Other languages are supported via extensions:

Apollo; Basic; Clojure; CSS; Dart; Erlang; Go; Haskell; Lasso; Lisp, Scheme; Llvm; Logtalk; Lua; Matlab; MLs: F#, Ocaml,SML; Mumps; Nemerle; Pascal; Protocol buffers; R, S; RD; Rust; Scala; SQL; Swift; TCL; Latek; Visual Basic; VHDL; Wiki; XQ; YAML


Thanks to code-prettify and html2canvas.

License (Multi-licensing)

Apache License 2.0 LICENSE