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Akmey client in Node.js (npm install -g akmey)
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Akmey client

Akmey is a keyserver, but not GPG keys, for SSH ones! This client is made to easily add, remove, update user's keys.

Install it using npm i -g akmey or run it npx akmey.


  • akmey i username : Add a user
  • akmey r username : Remove a user
  • akmey u [username] : Update a user (all installed users if you don't supply user); refetch new keys
  • akmey ls : List installed keys
  • akmey reset : Reset the file, delete all the Akmey keys
  • akmey cfg : Reconfigure Akmey


  • -t target_file : Target file, where to add or remove keys
  • -s : Use a custom Akmey server (https only, use --insecure-server for http)

Note: this client is WIP and may not work in some situations. Bug reports are appreciated.

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