This is an example of using OrientDb as datasource in CakePHP framework
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This is repo for cakephp with orientdb driver.

To use this driver, you have to use orientdb driver orientdb by AntonTerekhov:

In this project i place it in Vendor folder. It can be placed in Plugin folder.

The datasource file OrientSource is to store all the basic function CRUD of a datasource. Since my project involved vertex, most of functions interact with vertex instead of a specific table in orientdb. Remind that you have to run orientdb daemon beforehand.

When calling a find/query function in model or controller, it will based on these Create, Read, Write, Delete function in datasource. For a customize query, please use command_query function as follows: $this->Orient->command_query($query)

You can pass any orientdb query by using this function.