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Split screen terminal multiplexer, akin to GNU screen

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Check the screenshots folder to see what it does.


Make sure you have terminfo, ncurses and the ncurses development headers.

Install TESI's terminfo definition using:

	tic third_party/tesi/tesi.terminfo


	make tesi_ncurses

Run with:

	./knox 2> errors

(stderr debugging output is on, so pipe it to a file)


This project idea came from falldeaf whom I met at the University of Central Florida. We began the design in Spring of 2004 on my mirrored closet doors with a dry erase marker. He drew a use case and then evolved the drawing into a robot face and body ... a humorous detour but not the intended direction of the application.

Over the next couple months I kept researching terminals and what made them tick. I experimented with forking a process and sending IO to it over a pipe, which is the crux of the application. Then I took a job and falldeaf moved away, so it was put on hold for a couple months. Every now and then I'd do some more research about terminfo, terminal escape sequences, screen management libraries, but never wrote any serious code. It was probably Fall 2005 when I wrote my first serious iteration, which was rewritten further when I added libiterm to the mix in Spring 2006.
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