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alchemist ⚗️

Introducing Alchemist Coin ⚗️

⚗️'s one and only purpose is to find the philosopher's stone and use it to explore the galaxy.

Can a meme coin help us achieve immortality?

Only one way to find out...


Facts 🧝🏽‍♀️

  • initial distribution through @BalancerLabs LBP
  • funds raised are sent to ecosystem incentive program
  • has configurable inflation initially set to 1% every 14 days

Usage 🧪

  • the only plan is that there is no plan
  • this token can be used for anything and everything, and maybe even nothing
  • inflation may be used for composability and coordination experiments, but maybe not, who know

Long Term 🪐

  • find the philosopher's stone
  • cure aging
  • solve fusion
  • explore the galaxy

u in ?


Crucible/Aludel Rewards:
MistX FlashDEX:
Copper Fair Launch:


The Crucible NFT and Aludel LP reward contracts are forks of Ampleforth's upcoming token geyser v2 and UniversalVault NFT contracts. This is a test in prod. Use at your own risk.

Contract Address Description
Alchemist alchemistcoin.eth ERC20 token
Crucible NFT crucible.alchemistcoin.eth crucible nft contract
Aludel v1 aludel.alchemistcoin.eth ⚗️/WETH LP (Uniswap v2) reward program
Aludel v1.5 0x93c31fc68E613f9A89114f10B38F9fd2EA5de6BC ⚗️/WETH LP (Uniswap v2) reward program
Multisig multisig.alchemistcoin.eth community multisig
UniswapV2Pair uniswap.alchemistcoin.eth ⚗️/WETH uniswap pair
TransmuterV1 transmuter.alchemistcoin.eth router contract for batched transactions
StreamV1 0x979e2FdE487534be3f8a41cD57f11EF9E71cDC1A inflation streaming
StreamV2 0xebf421c83069143f3bd29A5C690Df97CC261E49c inflation streaming
TokenManager 0x1c428a75181bc25509af3a5b7faee97b4b6d3562 treasury
Crucible Template 0x18cc48140cFeC90CEF0035761D56d2d0ff3a110f crucible nft template
PowerSwitchFactory 0x89d2D92eaCE71977dD0b159062f8ec90EA64fc24 factory contract
RewardPoolFactory 0xF016fa84D5f3a252409a63b5cb89B555A0d27Ccf factory contract
mistX Tip Jar mistx.eth mistX tip jar
MistXRouter 0xA58f22e0766B3764376c92915BA545d583c19DBc mistX transaction router

Check system status

Check Alchemist system status.

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] status

Mint Crucible and stake LP tokens in Aludel

See tutorial.

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] mint-and-lock --aludel <STRING> --amount <STRING> --crucible-factory <STRING> --transmuter <STRING>


  --aludel              Aludel reward contract
  --amount              Amount of staking tokens with decimals
  --crucible-factory    Crucible factory contract
  --transmuter          TransmuterV1 contract

Unstake LP tokens and claim reward from aludel

Note: use the --private flag to avoid frontrunning bots.

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] unstake-and-claim --aludel <STRING> --amount <STRING> --crucible <STRING> [--private] --recipient <STRING>


  --aludel      Aludel reward contract
  --amount      Amount of staking tokens with decimals
  --crucible    Crucible vault contract
  --private     Use taichi network to avoid frontrunners
  --recipient   Address to receive stake and reward

Withdraw ERC20 token from crucible

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] crucible-withdraw --amount <STRING> --crucible <STRING> --recipient <STRING> --token <STRING>


  --amount      Amount of staking tokens with decimals
  --crucible    Crucible vault contract
  --recipient   Address to receive stake and reward
  --token       Token contract