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Capturing volumetric videos with Google Tango, RealSense R200 and Delaunay triangulation
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Capturing volumetric videos with Google Tango, RealSense R200 and fast Delaunay triangulation.

O(nlogn) triangulation algorithm based on Guibas-Stolfi paper:

Delaunay triangulation

4D clip rendered by OpenGL viewer (clickable):

4D clip rendered by OpenGL viewer

4D clip in WebGL:

To download 3rd party submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

CMake command line for Visual Studio 2015:

cmake -G"Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" -DOpenCV_DIR=C:/all/projects/libs/opencv-3.2.0/build/install -DGLFW_ROOT_DIR=C:/all/projects/libs/glfw-3.2.1.bin.WIN64 -DGLEW_LIBRARY=C:/all/projects/libs/glew-2.0.0/lib/Release/x64/glew32.lib -DGLEW_INCLUDE_DIR=C:/all/projects/libs/glew-2.0.0/include -DRSSDK_DIR="C:/Program Files (x86)/Intel/RSSDK" ../..

Add RSSDK_DIR part only if you need RealSense grabbing support. Theoretically the code should also build for Linux and Mac (maybe with a couple of adjustment here and there). Just replace paths to libraries with the appropriate ones for your system.

Project structure:

  • src/libs: reusable library modules
    • lib4d: library module with utilities for 4d content processing, including dataset reading and writing, rendering, meshing and filtering
    • librealsense: Intel RealSense functionality, including the grabbing code
    • libtri: Delaunay triangulation implementation
    • libutil: various utilities, including logging, profiling, geometric primitives, .ply IO etc.
  • src/apps: all the apps
    • 4d_player_app <4dv-dataset-path> Playbacks 4D "movies" in .4dv binary format
    • animation_writer_app <4dv-dataset-path> <timeframe-anim-directory> Converts binary .4dv movie into a series of .ply meshes for every frame. Once zipped this can be uploaded to Sketchfab (this format is called "timeframe animation"). The directory must exist beforehand.
    • realsense_grabber_app <output-4dv-file> Captures 4D movie from Intel RealSense in .4dv format.
    • triangulation_visualizer_app: the app I used to generate GIF visualizations of Delaunay triangulation algorithm. Must enable WITH_VIS preprocessor variable for it to work.
  • src/test: some unit tests created with awesome GTest library.
  • android_src: all the Java code for Google Tango, mostly an unfinished binary grabber for Tango

If you happen to use my code in any of your projects, I would really appreciate if you write me a letter. If you have any questions or problems with the code please also feel free to reach me:

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