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A tool for Short Text Classification. A library and a console application designed for short text classification. It let you train and use classifiers of short texts such as filenames. The input texts are provided in XML files (console application, library) or as C structures (library).

Binary Verison


Directory bin contains a ready to use binary of the software for Ubuntu Linux platform (32-bit version), which consist of the follwing files:

  • libshort_text_classifier.so A shared library which which implements the text classifier. This library has the following dependencies: libboost_filesystem.so, libboost_regex.so, libboost_system.so, liblinear.so.

  • textclassifier.h A header file which provide a C interface to the text classification library.

  • iniparams.h An additional header file.

  • libboost_filesystem.so A dependency of libshort_text_classifier.so.

  • libboost_regex.so A dependency of libshort_text_classifier.so.

  • libboost_system.so A dependency of libshort_text_classifier.so.

  • liblinear.so A dependency of libshort_text_classifier.so.

System requirements

Ubuntu Linux. The software was tested on 64-bit Ubuntu Lunux 11.10 and 12.04. The library was compiled in 32-bit Release mode with g++ (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) 4.6.3 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 64-bit.


  1. For Ubuntu 12.04 -- install 32-bit C++ libraries: "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"

  2. Copy library files (.so) to /usr/lib32/. Make sure that you did not overwrite existing .so libraries.

  3. Register the new shared libraries: "sudo ldconfig"

  4. Copy the binary stc in any directory.

Usage of the console application

./stc [OPTIONS]


-M - mode, required: t - train a text classification model. p - classify text with an existing model. e - extract features from text.

-i - input XML file with texts, required.

-s - stopwords file, required.

-p - stop part of speech file, required.

-r - semantic relations file, required.

-V - vocabulary file, required. Input for prediction mode, output for the training mode.

-m - model file, required. Input for prediction mode, output for training mode.

-N - normalization of bag-of-word feature vectors, default 'u'. 0 - frequency counts of words (no normalization) 1 - unit length normalization

-v true - verbose output

-R - type of the text expansion, default '0'. 0 - no expansion 1 - first order expansion 2 - second order expansion 3 - recursive expansion

-E - number of per term expansions, default '0'.

-W - weight [0;1] of the expanded terms w.r.t. original terms, default '0'.

-h - print this help message

Usage of the library

  1. Link your C/C++ program to libshort_text_classifier.so. Directory client-sample contains an example of a C program linked to the library (see makefile in Debug directory). You can open client-sample with Eclipse CDT or compile it with the provided makefile.

  2. Copy textclassifier.h and iniparam.h to your include directory.

  3. Include textclassifier.h file in your C/C++ program.

  4. Use functions defined textclassifier.h to manipulate the classifier (see the header for the documentation). An example of library usage:

IniParam* ip = get_iniparam();
void* cm = TextClassifier_Create(ip);
TextClassifier_Reload(cm, ip);
TextToClassify* text = classifier->load_texts(params.inputFile);
TextClassifier_Predict(cm, (params.inputFile + ".xml").c_str(), 1, text);
TextClassifier_Predict(cm, (params.inputFile + ".xml").c_str(), 2, text);
TextClassifier_Predict(cm, (params.inputFile + ".xml").c_str(), 3, text);
TextClassifier_Train(cm, 3, text);
TextClassifier_Predict(cm, (params.inputFile + ".xml").c_str(), 1, text);
TextClassifier_Predict(cm, (params.inputFile + ".xml").c_str(), 2, text);
TextClassifier_Predict(cm, (params.inputFile + ".xml").c_str(), 3, text);


On Ubuntu 11.10 or higher install in addition to the packages indicated above:

  1. sudo apt-get install libc6-dev-i386

  2. sudo apt-get install g++-multilib

  3. make

Note: Alternatively to the make, you can build the sources in Eclipse. The Eclipse CDT projects are in library and client directories. Build in the Release mode.