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The minimalist Pelican theme.

Flex 3.0 and upcoming breaking changes

Flex 2.6 will be the last release without breaking changes.

Flex 3.0 is under development and will introduce breaking changes.

The breaking changes will include:

  • Removal of deprecated plugins and integrations
  • Removal and renaming of configuration variables
  • Removal of Less.js and Gulp.js
  • Refactoring of multiple templates

Flex has grown beyond expectation over the last few years and is hard to maintain and accept new features.

You can check the current progress in the v3 branch.

New features won't be accepted unless submited to v3 branch, bug fixes will still be accepted in the master branch.

Once 2.6 is out, the v3 branch will be merged into master.



Plugins Support


The best way to install is over pelican-themes.

The alternative way is to clone this repository and checkout a tag branch.


The documentation covers most of the settings available and how to use this theme. If something is missing or broken you can open a PR or fix the documentation by yourself.

Flex Wiki

Live example

You can see how this theme looks like at

The code is available in this project under docs folder.


ALWAYS open an issue before sending a PR. Discuss the problem/feature that you want to solve. If things make sense, send a PR with your changes.

As always, if you want something that only makes sense to you, fork Flex and create a new theme.


Translate this theme to new languages at Transifex.

Read more about Translation Support in the Wiki.