SBT plugin to ease the launch of Ammonite
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SBT plugin to ease the launch of Ammonite

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sbt-ammonite is a SBT plugin that adds a ammonite:run command to SBT, that launches an Ammonite session against the current project.

Quick start

Add to your ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins/build.sbt,

resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("releases")

addSbtPlugin("com.github.alexarchambault" %% "sbt-ammonite" % "0.1.2")

Then at the prompt of a SBT project, type


instead of console.

To include the test build products, type


instead of test:console.

These two commands can be scoped along specific projects too, like




Initial commands, specified with initialCommands in console, are also taken into account, and supplied to Ammonite as predef.

Tested with SBT 0.13.9, and Scala 2.10.5, 2.11.7, and 2.11.8. (Other Scala versions supported by Ammonite, and SBT down to 0.13.5 are expected to work too.)

Bumping the Ammonite version

The Ammonite version is set via the ammoniteVersion key. It reads its value:

  • from the AMMONITE_VERSION environment variable if set, else
  • from the ammonite.version Java property if set, else it
  • fallbacks to an hard-coded default version (currently, 0.6.0).

Set the AMMONITE_VERSION environment variable or the ammonite.version Java property to bump the Ammonite version.

Known issues

  • Incompatible with the recent versions of sbt-ensime (from 0.3.2 to 0.5.0 at least, #9)
  • Incompatible with sbt-coursier


Copyright 2015-16, Alexandre Archambault

Released under a MIT license