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postie is a little smtp server library for receiving emails. It is currently in a very early stage and not yet fully standard compatible although the standard protocol is already supported. .

  • At the time of writing parameters on smtp commands can not be parsed. .
  • Handler functions need to return more detailed information to cancel a transaction. . postie supportes hooks on key commands in an smtp session like .
  • on connection open and close .
  • on /MAIL FROM/ command e.g. to intercept transaction if sender is blacklisted .
  • on /RCPT TO/ command e.g. to check if recipient is existent on your server .
  • and many more

To run postie you only need to supply a function which takes a Mail and return Accepted or Rejected. mailBody is a pipes Producer which streams the encoded body directly to your application code. The body is not parsed by postie since it depends on what the application wants to do with the mail data. Eventually I will create a seperate package for parsing mime messages with pipes-parse when postie becomes more stable and standard compliant.

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