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XML-RPC Client for Go

This is an implementation of client-side part of XML-RPC protocol in Go.

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Add dependency to your project:

go get -u

Use it by creating an *xmlrpc.Client and firing RPC method calls with Call().

package main



func main() {
    client, _ := xmlrpc.NewClient("")

    result := &struct {
        BugzillaVersion struct {
            Version string

    _ = client.Call("Bugzilla.version", nil, result)
    fmt.Printf("Version: %s\n", result.BugzillaVersion.Version)

Customization is supported by passing a list of Option to the NewClient function. For instance:

  • To customize any aspect of http.Client used to perform requests, use HttpClient option, otherwise http.DefaultClient will be used
  • To pass custom headers, make use of Headers option.

Argument encoding

Arguments to the remote RPC method are passed on as a *struct. This struct is encoded into XML-RPC types based on following rules:

  • Order of fields in struct type matters - fields are taken in the order they are defined on the type.
  • Numbers are to be specified as int (encoded as <int>) or float64 (encoded as <double>)
  • Both pointer and value references are accepted (pointers are followed to actual values)

Response decoding

Response is decoded following similar rules to argument encoding.

  • Order of fields is important.
  • Outer struct should contain exported field for each response parameter.
  • Structs may contain pointers - they will be initialized if required.


To build this project, simply run make all. If you prefer building in Docker instead - make build-in-docker is your friend.