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Make your own 2020 ASCII art
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2020 in ASCII

What is it?

An OpenFaaS function using the node12 template.

This function is deployed on OpenFaaS Cloud using the free Community Cluster.


curl -s


Use a hashtag i.e. #openfaas:

curl -s

See other HTML encoding espressions

Or make your own link:

Deploy it for yourself

You can deploy the 2020 function to your Raspberry Pi using OpenFaaS on k8s/k3s or faasd.

faas-cli deploy -f stack-armhf.yml

You can also build and deploy to a regular x86-64-based Kubernetes cluster using faas-cli up.


  • Center the text when less than width of the 2020 text
  • Wrap the text when wider than the width of the 2020 text


Commits need to be signed-off with git commit -s, don't submit through the GitHub UI.

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