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👾 Hackerrank Solutions: ☕️JavaScript
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Hackerrank Solutions: javascript

Problem Name Description Difficulty
Arrays: Left Rotation Easy
Arrays: 2D Arrays - DS Easy
Arrays: New Year Chaos Medium
Arrays: Minimum Swaps 2 Medium
Sorting: Mark and Toys Easy
Sorting: Merge Sort - Counting Inversions Hard
Dictionaries and Hashmaps: Frequency Queries Medium
Dictionaries and Hashmaps: Sherlock and Anagrams Medium
Dictionaries and Hashmaps: Ransom Note Medium
Dictionaries and Hashmaps: Two Strings Easy
Stacks and Queues: Balanced Brackets Easy
String Manipulation: Alternating Characters Easy
String Manipulation: Making Anagrams Easy
String Manipulation: Sherlock and the Valid String Medium
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