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ROS2 Topic & Service Fuzzer

This repository contains Alias Robotics's ROS2 topic & service fuzzer.

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This fuzzer aims to help developers and researchers to find bugs and vulnerabilities in ROS2 nodes by performing fuzz tests over interfaces that the target nodes process. This fuzz cases consist in pseudorandom data that is optimized to cover all possible limit cases, in order to test the correct behaviour of the nodes against data that would otherwise not show in normal testing cases or normal behaviour of the target robot.

The full documentation is available on ReadTheDocs

ROS2_fuzzer is an effort part of the RedROS2-I FTP funded by ROSIN (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme) with the grant agreement No 732287.

Based on the original idea and Hypothesis-ROS project by Florian Krommer

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