A simple HTTP proxy caching responses.
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A simple HTTP proxy to handle cache

A web application that proxies HTTP requests to another HTTP server, caching the results if asked to.

To start the cache on port 9201 with a cache expiring every 2 seconds, type:

$ httpcache --local localhost:9201 --distant localhost:9200 --cache localhost:11211 --cache-timeout 2

Specify the backend

You can also use a different backend if that makes sense for you. You can use one of the backends exposed by chaussette. The default backend is "fastgevent"; you may want to disable this if you want to use the streaming feature of your proxied server.

Using statsd

You can send information to a statsd server each time a request is proxied, if it hits the proxied server or if it hits the cache:

$ httpcache --statsd localhost:8125


To install httpcache, do so using pip:

$ pip install httpcache