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Text Analysis Tools for English
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TATE: Text Analysis Tools for English

The goal of TATE is to make text analysis a bit easier. TATE is composed of a few functions for text quantification. It uses external norms of valence, arousal, dominance, concreteness, humor, extremity and emotionality. Each function takes a string as input, executes lemmatization of the string and returns a value.

Download and Install

You can install TATE with:

# install.packages("devtools")



NoVAD("I'm sad") # Norms of valence, arousal and dominance

##   Valence   Arousal Dominance 
##      2.10      3.49      3.84

concretness("I'm sad") # Norms of concretness

## Concretness 
##        3.07

funny("I'm sad") # Norms of humor

## funny 
##   NaN

EvLex("I'm sad") # Evaluative Lexicon: Norms of valence, extremity, and emotionality

##      Valence    Extremity Emotionality 
##         2.00         2.50         6.88


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Warriner, A. B., Kuperman, V., & Brysbaert, M. (2013). Norms of valence, arousal, and dominance for 13,915 English lemmas. Behavior research methods, 45(4), 1191-1207.

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