The deprecated $.curCss has been removed from jQuery 1.8.0, should be removed from Aloha #692

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I'm loading the latest 1.x.x jQuery from the Google CDN, then defining it so requireJS knows about it. A recent change in jQuery breaks Aloha.

<script src="//"></script>

define("jquery", function(){ return window.jQuery; });

$.curCSS is used throughout the built aloha.js, and some of the plugins seem to use it too. According to the jQuery blog post for the 1.8.0 release it has been removed, as it was deprecated in jQuery 1.3.

$.curCSS: This method was simply an alias for jQuery.css() from jQuery 1.3 onward. Although it has never been part of the documented API, some external code has been known to use it, perhaps thinking it was “more efficient.” Now it’s “more gone.”

#11787: Remove jQuery.curCSS

For my own site, I can fix it by reverting to 1.7.x, but I guess it needs to be fixed in the long run.


Aloha itself doesn't use this directly, rather it's being used in jqueryui. We use a development version of jqueryui. We should check what progress has been made for the upcoming 1.9 release, and update if the curCSS dependency has already been fixed.


jQuery 1.8 has already been released in August, so we should do something about this.

@elzr elzr referenced this issue in heygrady/transform Sep 23, 2012

Plugin breaks in jQuery 1.8+, simple fix #40


I'm also running into this. This is blocking the Aloha core patch for Drupal 8, because Drupal 8 has upgraded to jQuery 1.8.2 recently.


We should try to make Aloha compatible with the latest stable version of jqueryui, right?


Yes. The funny thing is that there hasn't been a new release of jQuery UI 1.9 yet, because it is actually still in development.

Can you clarify why Aloha Editor needs 1.9? Why isn't the stable release (1.8) of jQuery UI sufficient?

Furthermore: the alternative UI that's being worked on to improve AE's a11y (accessibility), will that still require jQuery UI?


I don't know why a non-stable version of jQuery UI is used, as I've not been working on Aloha at that time. I once tested it with jQuery UI 1.8, and got an error with tooltips. So, I suppose tooltips are not present in jQuery UI 1.8. We can probably backport the tooltip plugin if that is the only problem.

I've opened a new issue regarding the alternative UI

The alternate UI shouldn't depend on jQuery UI.


THANK YOU for that alternative UI issue. Thanks for pushing that code. I'm very excited :)

For now, I've committed the following dirty, yet simple work-around: in D8. That makes this a low priority issue for now from a Drupal POV.

(Also: it might no longer be necessary once we're able to migrate away to the alternative UI of #747.)


THANK YOU for that alternative UI issue. Thanks for pushing that code. I'm very excited :)

No problem. It's still very basic, but I'm sure to improve it over time since I'm already using it in a project.

Thank you also for your great feedback.

@deliminator deliminator was assigned Oct 18, 2012

The curCSS problem has been fixed by an upgrade of jquery-ui and jquery.layout. I testet it with jquery 1.8.2 and everything seems to work fine.

I haven't yet upgraded to jquery 1.8.2. We have some fixes in place for 1.7.2 (git log has more details). These fixes will have to be ported.


Yay! I'll get rid of the work-around on the Drupal side.

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