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Pop to new Org headings for quick notetaking
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This package makes it easy to quickly take a note in a new heading displayed in a new indirect buffer. It’s similar to Org’s built-in capture functionality, but it’s not limited to one capture “session”, so you can pop up a new note at any time, without interfering with other activities in Emacs.

Used with Yequake, it can also pop open a new Emacs frame.




If you installed from MELPA, you’re done.


Installing with Quelpa is easy:

  1. Install quelpa-use-package (which can be installed directly from MELPA).
  2. Add this form to your init file:
(use-package org-popnote
  :quelpa (org-popnote :fetcher github :repo "alphapapa/org-popnote"))


  1. Run M-x customize-group RET org-popnote RET and configure the options org-popnote-file and org-popnote-outline-path according to your preferences.
  2. M-x org-popnote RET to pop up a new note.


Yequake makes it easy to display org-popnote in a new Emacs frame. Here’s an example configuration:

(use-package yequake
   (list (cons "org-popnote"
               (list (cons 'buffer-fns '(org-popnote))
                     (cons 'width 0.25)
                     (cons 'height 0.5))))))

Then bind a global keyboard shortcut in your desktop environment to run this command, which pops up a new Emacs frame showing a new org-popnote buffer:

emacsclient -n -e '(yequake-toggle "org-popnote")'



Initial release.


Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions — oh my!



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