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Awesome GUN

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✨Awesome Gun✨


GUN is a realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph protocol to sync the web.


  • GUN Kanban demo
    • A P2P KanBan!
  • gun-poll demo
    • Polls
  • gun-calendar demo
    • A calendar / scheduling app
  • gun-editor demo
    • An experimental collaborative editor (partial implementation)
  • NotABug
    • A decentralized link aggregator with reddit’s classic, open source UI
  • Iris
    • Iris is a social networking application that stores and indexes everything on the devices of its users and connects directly with peers who run the application - no corporate gatekeepers needed.
  • LiveCodeStream
    • Broadcast with ease, straight from your browser
  • PushToTalk
    • A Push to Talk demo with GUN db
  • Maskbook
    • Encrypt your posts & chats on You-Know-Where. Allow only your friends to decrypt.
  • streams
    • An experimental nanoblogging engine / anonymous group chat / outliner / productivity tool
  • GiveMeCredit
    • A Social media application designed to give communities political independence
  • Trace
  • Connect-4
  • TodoMVC
    • Send public messages to nearby people.
  • GoShareData
    • An enterprise system for data sharing database data with colleagues
  • JS-Trafficlights
    • Trafficlights manager for limited resource access, like VPNs or remote desktops
  • paStash
    • Spaghetti I/O Event Processing, Interpolation, Correlation with Gun persistence ~ By lmangani
  • fastify-gundb
    • Fastify is a Fast and low overhead modular web framework, supporting persistence layer using Gun ~ By lmangani
  • PiTherm
    • Raspberry Pi thermostat application using Gun to sync client UIs ~ By paullj1
  • Gewd Notes
    • Workflowy clone using gun ~ By negue

Plugins / Helpers

Framework Integrations

  • svelte gundb example
    • This is a project template for Svelte apps with the gun database.
  • sapper/svelte gundb example
    • This is a project template for Sapper/Svelte apps with the gun database. The server is served alongside the page and accessigne at location.origin + "/gun". Sapper is a framework designed with svelte to facilitate offline first functionality and all svelte goodness.
  • Weir
    • Auto-generate react component data bindings to gundb nodes
  • vue-gun
    • Vue plugin to add Gun integration ~ By sjones6
  • gun-react-native
    • A distribution of Gun designed to work with React Native out of the box ~ By sjones6
  • as
    • Mark's personal UI Framework with deep assumptions and opinionated bindings to GUN ~ By amark
  • gun-realm
    • A React Native RealmJS adapter for GunJS ~ By sjones6
  • gun-ui-gauge
    • (Still under development to fit the latest Gun version ( 0.9.x ) )
    • Add a GunDB controlled gauge to your webpage ~ By Stefdv

Alternative Implementations

Storage Adapters


Examples, demos and tools demonstrating Gun features and capabilities



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