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Meething dWebRTC

Decentralized Real-Time Communications (dWebRTC)


  1. meething meething Public

    dWebRTC Video Meetings MESH/SFU hybrid using GunDB, MediaSoup and Beyond!

    JavaScript 452 70

  2. meething-ml-camera meething-ml-camera Public

    Machine-Learning powered Virtual Camera with SVG Animation (alpha)

    JavaScript 74 13

  3. StreamSwitcher StreamSwitcher Public

    Allows MediaStream to switch tracks without setting srcObject this allows MediaRecording to continue recording

    JavaScript 30 7

  4. gundb-multisocket gundb-multisocket Public

    Multiple GunDB sockets sharing a single HTTP/S server 🍴

    JavaScript 21 9

  5. webrtctzn webrtctzn Public

    Decentralized P2p dWebRTC for CTZN

    CSS 18 5

  6. meething-facedraw meething-facedraw Public

    Facedrawn meething instead of videos

    JavaScript 6 2


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