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A MagicMirror module that displays information from any json source
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A MagicMirror module that displays information from any json source


This code is partially copied from the very simple stock ticker from @alexyak.

Notice: I have no intention of adding new features to the code here. Multiple people have asked for more customized features. If you are interested in something cool and awesome that isn't implemented, let me know and if I do get time I may be able to help. A small donation to the beer/coffee fund never hurts (paypal: to show your appreciation (by no means required)! I love open source software and love providing time to my projects, but I don't use this module so it is not high on my list of things to do. As always, if you make modifications start a PR and we can merge it into the master branch.

What it Looks Like!

Nothing too pretty, just the data you want to see :)

There are some config options to make the json keys a bit prettier though, mentioned below in the config.


Here is the above json example data:



cd MagicMirror/modules git clone


cd MagicMirror/modules/MMM-json-feed git pull


It is very simple to set up this module, a sample configuration looks like this:

modules: [
    module: 'MMM-json-feed',
    position: 'bottom_bar',
    config: {
      urls: [

Configuration Options

Option Description
prettyName Pretty print the name of each JSON key (remove camelCase and underscores).

Default value: true
stripName Removes all keys before the printed key.

Example: a.b.c will print c.
Default value: true
title Title to display at the top of the module.

Default value: JSON Feed
urls An array of urls for your json feeds. Note that duplicate keys WILL be clobbered.

Default value: REQUIRED
url DEPRECATED, Please use urls instead.
The url of the json feed.
Default value: REQUIRED
updateInterval The time between updates (In milliseconds).

Default value: 300000 (5 minutes)
singleLine Display all values on a single line.

Default value: false
values Specify specific values from the json feed to only show what you need.

Example: ["key1", "key2", "keyA.keyB.keyC"]
Default value: [] (Shows all keys in the object)
arrayName Name of array of items to iterate through.

Default value: undefined
arraySize Number of array of items to show.

Default value: 999
replaceName Specify key names to replace in the json. This is an array of arrays [find, replace]

Example: [ ["body", "replaced body"], ["id", "replacedID"] ]

Using an Array of Data and Custom Parsing

You can use the new config arrayName to parse through an array and then add parts from each object.

For the given json:

  messages: [
    { name: "a", id: 1, somethingElse: false },
    { name: "b", id: 2, somethingElse: false },
    { name: "c", id: 3, somethingElse: true }

you could have in your config (to show only the parts you care about and limit to 5 entries):

config: {
  arrayName: "messages",
  arraySize: 5,
  values: [ "name", "id" ]
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