Other Game Engines in Rust

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Here is a rough list of existing and past 3D/game engines in Rust:

Status Project Name Author(s) Description Users
Stable Kiss3D Sébastien Crozet Simple to use extensible game engine with integrated physics and OpenGL rendering Grow, ParView, Space colonization
Stable Piston Sven Nilsen, et al. Vast collection of building blocks for making engines Hematite, many others
Active GGEZ Rafael Epplée Make good games easily: draw some text, play sounds, get a window up and display graphics
Active Amethyst Eyal Kalderon, et al. Data-oriented game engine with GFX renderer and Specs Parallel ECS
Active Three-rs Dzmitry Malyshau ThreeJS-inspired 3D engine for quick prototyping
Early Stages Gunship-rs David LeGare "The game engine for people who don't like making games"
Early Stages Unrust Edwin Cheng "A pure rust based (webgl 2.0 / native) game engine"
Abandoned Anima Dragoș Tiselice, et al. Quirky performance oriented game engine
Abandoned Tungsten Layl Conway Engine built around game-specific models, supports Glium rendering
Abandoned Turbine Piston Developers A 3D game engine with built-in editor, part of the Piston project
Abandoned Nitro Jacob Kiesel Aims to be a complete game development solution
Abandoned Claymore Dzmitry Malyshau 3D engine based on high-level GFX libraries Claymore (game)
Abandoned Snowmew Colin Sherratt Beautiful 3D engine with GFX rendering Petri
Abandoned Whiske-rs Colin Sherratt Engine with parallel ECS, rendered with GFX
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