Wrapper around the Python serial module to control tosr0x USB relay boards.
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A Python module for communicating with 'TOSR0x' relay controllers available at tinyosshop.com and other online retailers.

Supported Hardware


  • Detect TOSR0x USB and WiFi devices.
  • Set relay states.
  • Query relay states.
  • Query temperature (on supported models).


  • Python serial module (should be installed by default)


Use setup.py:

python setup.py install

If using Debian or a derivative (Ubuntu) additional USB permissions may be required:

Add the user to the 'dialout' group:

$ sudo usermod -G dialout -a <username>

Add a udev rules file to allow access to usb devices:

$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/50-usb.rules
# allow access to usb devices for users in dialout group
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", MODE="0666", GROUP="dialout"


Call the handler function to return a list of tosr0x objects:

>import tosr0x
>th = tosr0x.handler()

Testing USB serial device on /dev/ttyUSB0
Testing USB serial device on /dev/ttyUSB1
Testing USB serial device on /dev/ttyUSB2
Testing USB serial device on /dev/ttyUSB3
TOSR0x device found on /dev/ttyUSB3

>myTosr0x = th[0]
>print myT0sr0x

<tosr0x.relayModule instance at 0xb68be46c>

By default the handler scans all USB ports for compatible tosr0x devices. You can also specify a range of ports to scan:

>th = tosr0x.handler(devicePath=['/dev/ttyUSB3'])

Testing USB serial device on /dev/ttyUSB3
TOSR0x device found on /dev/ttyUSB3

Usually all relays on the module are cycled at initialisation to determine the relay count. You can specify a relay count to prevent this:

>th = tosr0x.handler(devicePath=['/dev/ttyUSB3'], relayCount=4)

Testing USB serial device on /dev/ttyUSB3
TOSR0x device found on /dev/ttyUSB3

It is also possible to use the class directly without using the handler:

>import serial
>import tosr0x
>sd=serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', timeout=0.1)
>myTosr0x=tosr0x.relayModule(sd) #Num relays not specified in this example

>import tosr0x
>myTosr0x = tosr0x.relayModule( ('',2000), 2) #Module of 2 relays

Set relay states to either 0 or 1:



(Note: relay numbering starts at 1. Set the state of all relays by using relay number 0.)

Get relay positions, (returned as a dict {relay : state}):

{1: 1, 2: 0}

Get Ambient Temperaure n Celsius degree for modules supporting a temperature probe:



  • James Stewart (@amorphic) uses to tosr0x to implement an Environmental Controller in braubuddy, a temperature monitoring framework.
  • Alex Roche (@alexroche) is using tosr0x with WIFI option to control blinds through openremote controller running on a Raspberry Pi.