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Amrita Repository

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Get Amrita Repository on Google Play


Question Papers:

Now view (or) download previous year question papers in a much easier way. Any year, any department, we've got you covered.

Academic Timetable:

Your daily academic timetable at your fingertips, with the facility to set as a home screen widget.

Faculty Timetable:

View the timetable of all the faculties at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

Examination Schedule:

Examination schedules for all the courses provided in the campus.

Curriculum Info:

All new updated curriculum for all courses in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Downloads section:

Access downloaded resources in the downloads section within the app.


Amrita University Management System (AUMS) now much easier to access in Amrita Repository. Check your grades, marks, attendance levels, and course resources.

Amrita News:

Be up-to-date with what's happening at Amrita. Be notified of news articles pulled directly from the Amrita Website.

.... and much more


  • Fork this repository
  • Clone the repo locally
  • Create a new firebase project at Firebase Console. Download the google-services.json configuration file into the app/ directory.
  • Copy app/ and paste as a new file named app/ ( Do not bother about the content)
  • Download this file and import it in your Firebase Realtime Database for the timings module to work properly.
  • Import the project into Android Studio and start working.
  • Make your awesome changes, push your changes into a new branch.
  • Send in a pull-request :)

Misc. Info

  • If you run the app on your device, question papers module won't work in mobile data. As a workaround, you can use SonicWall VPN and create a connection using the below details :
  Connection Name : Amrita
  Server :
  Username/Password : Your CMS/Amrita WiFi credentials
  • Further details on the VPN available here.

Open Source License

Read the license here


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Rajkumar S

📖 🎨 💻

Sriraam Ashok


Sanjai Lal T S


Arun Vigesh V G

🎨 💻


💻 🎨

Yogesh M


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!