Material for ODSCON San Francisco 2015
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01 - Introduction to Scikit-learn.ipynb
02 - Unsupervised Transformers.ipynb
03 - Cross-validation.ipynb
04 - Grid Searches for Hyper Parameters.ipynb
05 - Preprocessing and Pipelines.ipynb
06 - Working With Text Data.ipynb
07 - Feature Union.ipynb
08 - Out Of Core Learning.ipynb
09 - Out Of Core Learning for Text.ipynb

Slides and Notebooks for Open Data Science Conference

Materials for the Scikit-learn tutorial at ODSC SF. Please download the materials and install scikit-learn and the jupyter notebook to follow along. Please use Jupyter / IPython in Version 4.0 or higher. The tutorial requires scikit-learn 0.15 or higher (current is 0.17).

Please check back for changes to the material. It is recommended to update right before the tutorial.