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#The code is largely based on [1], [2] and [3]

-Files: Minimal example (20 lines of code) of how to create
                  a FS-LSTM and run one step of it, using the Tensorflow LSTM.
                Main file which should be run to replicate the PTB
                  and enwik8 experiments.
                  To run PTB experiment:     python3 --model ptb
                  To run enwik8 experiment:  python3 --model enwik8
                  We only include the PTB dataset due to size limitations.
                  To run the enwik8 experiments the dataset should be 
                  added to "data/enwik8" divided in three files: "train",
                  "valid" and "test"     Hyper-parameters are loaded from here according
                  to which experiment is being performed. All hyper-
                  parameters from Table 3 of the paper can be set
                  using this file.     Reads training, validation and testing data from
                  the data folder.     Layer normalized LSTM with Zoneout.        File with auxiliary functions for      Fast-Slow RNN class that can be used with any
                  standard Tensorflow RNN.