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  • Minor Linux driver bug fixing see full log below
  • ext4 filesystem support
  • libiio Version 0.18
  • Updated Buildroot 2019.02.2 LTS
  • Updates to the HTML device information page

6f25263 PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.31 release
5d5d747 Makefile: Restore the ability not to have to install VIVADO which was forced by commit 74d917f
937a1b2 LICENSE.html file: update the script which creates the LICENSE.html file
74d917f build,Makefile: add default Vivado SDK path to build
db91dc3 build: remove default branch for buildroot submodule
182741a PlutoSDR-fw: Update Submodule buildroot
0ec5004 Merge pull request #28 from analogdevicesinc/readme-update
7063f7b Update README to include all dependencies for truly barebones build.

Changelog buildroot:

analogdevicesinc/buildroot@d6c55df board/pluto/msd/.gitignore: Add temp file
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@4a57c15 zynq_{pluto,m2k,sidekiqz2}_defconfig: add host mtools dependency
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@6a6241d board/[pluto|m2k]/ Deploy all HTML files to /www for httpd
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@3fd7ac0 board/pluto/S41network: Fix udhcpd restart PID file issue
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@c43b307 package: ad936x_ref_cal: add hash file with sha256 signatures
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@00bbbc0 pluto index.html: add more build info into the index.html file
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@feedfe4 Merge pull request #23 from analogdevicesinc/merge-pluto
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@aff77ff board/pluto: Remove references to nonexistent language html pages
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@529a433 Merge pull request #18 from analogdevicesinc/update-libiio-v018-v2
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@161422c package/libiio/libiio.hash: Update Version 0.18 hash after tag move
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@a2a0936 package/libiio/ Update to Version 0.18

Changelog Linux: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/linux@3966490 dmaengine: axi-dmac: remove old device-tree bindings support
analogdevicesinc/linux@8e704b4 iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: AD917x add support for different configurations
analogdevicesinc/linux@496d948 iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: [write|read]_raw forward to the converter
analogdevicesinc/linux@3baa4d9 iio: cf_axi_tdd: Typo fix
analogdevicesinc/linux@1106532 dmaengine: axi-dmac: remove use of sg_nents_for_dma()
analogdevicesinc/linux@6af5e44 dmaengine: axi-dmac: remove parantheses in if block
analogdevicesinc/linux@6bf0dbc dmaengine: dma-axi-dmac: Fix cyclic transfers descriptors length
analogdevicesinc/linux@8b97db6 dmaengine: dma-axi-dmac: Call callback for each period
analogdevicesinc/linux@644f296 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix max filter HB rates and update the available attr.
analogdevicesinc/linux@205de72 fpga: adi-axi-common: Add common AXI register header
analogdevicesinc/linux@2085bf6 arm: configs: zynq_pluto_defconfig: Enable USB_NET_CDCETHER and RNDIS_HOST
analogdevicesinc/linux@174c082 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix bug in ad9361_gt_bin_read()
analogdevicesinc/linux@23f7503 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix open brace placement
analogdevicesinc/linux@c2041af arm: configs: zynq_pluto_defconfig: Enable ext4 filesystem support
analogdevicesinc/linux@4e51492 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix to prevent invalid RFBW setting during enable FIR
analogdevicesinc/linux@bfb4701 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix to prevent invalid RFBW setting during enable FIR

Changelog u-boot:

analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@a2f86f3 Fixed variable definition separators for sidekiqz2

Changelog HDL: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/hdl@28df754 axi_dmac: infer interrupt line for Xilinx projects
analogdevicesinc/hdl@3d4ea9c Revert "axi_dmac: assert xfer_request only when ready"

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