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Anar Software

Software / hardware consulting, research and development company

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  1. microDuke is a simple, standalone, multi-threaded, small web server written in Java.

    Java 5

  2. Espruino by Examples - Espruino is a JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers.

    JavaScript 18 3

  3. A Set of Brainfuck tools are written in Java

    Java 4

  4. Set of blank MP3 audio files

    506 89

  5. Taxicab numbers are the positive numbers representable in minimum 2 ways as a sum of positive cubes. The numbers derive their name from the Hardy-Ramanujan number, 1729.

    Java 4

  6. jBraces is Java based lightweight, simple syntax template engine to generate any formatted text including source code, web pages, e-mails ... etc.

    Java 2


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