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The Penultimate Cloud Image Builder
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PCIB - The Penultimate Cloud Image Builder

PCIB is a cloud image builder based on UCIB (the Ultimate Cloud Image
Builder) by Matt Palmer. While it retains the same extensible plugin
architecture as UCIB, there are several important design changes:

 - PCIB does not care what host OS you're building an image on, and
   will not try to install any packages on your system for you. Rather,
   it will complain and die if it can't find a command it needs. This
   both simplifies the codebase and leaves your system's administration
   in the hands of the best person for the job: you.

 - PCIB has abandoned the concept of a monolithic "cloud" plugin that
   does everything you need for a particular cloud platform. In
   actuality, many cloud platforms are made up of a large number of
   small subsystems, many of which are common between multiple

   To best support this, PCIB can accept options in a config file as
   well as on the command line, and each "cloud" is now represented in
   an example config file in examples/.

 - New contributions to PCIB are licensed under a permissive licence
   (ISC-style preferred). UCIB is licensed under GPLv3, and much of the
   code in PCIB is taken from UCIB, but new contributions under the GPL
   will not be accepted.
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