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Modular, heavily-documented Elm todo app with a json rest api
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Todo Screenshot

The official elm-todomvc uses localStorage to persist state. Since most real-world elm apps will interact with a web api to persist state, this is a simple elm todo app demonstrating interaction with a simple json api server.

Additionally, the code here has about 10x the modularity of the official implementation.

This app is sparse on css on purpose.

The code is heavily-documented. If something is confusing, submit an issue or PR and I'll improve the documentation there if possible.


I recommend following roughly this order for checking out the code:

Main → Models → Messages → Update → View

then in the Todos directory:

Todos.[Models → Messages → Update → Commands → View → Edit]

then if you're feeling confident:


Getting Started

If you haven't installed Elm 0.18 yet, do so here.

elm-todo-rest-api 0.2.0 is compatible with Elm 0.18. If you're still on Elm 0.17, download elm-todo-rest-api 0.1.0 here.

First, clone this repository:

$ git clone
$ cd elm-todo-rest-api

Then install dependencies:

$ npm install
$ elm package install

To play with the app, first start up the api:

$ npm run api

All changes will be reflected in db.json.

Then, in a new terminal window run the following to start a hot-reloading dev server through webpack:

$ npm run dev

Visit http://localhost:8000/ in your browser and you should see the app!

Make some changes and see what happens.

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