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Fuzzy Open (Gedit Plugin)
Andrew Liu <andrewliu33 (at) gmail com>
Mads Buus Jensen <> (SnapOpen)

Github location:

This plugin is base on SnapOpen plugin.
It use a totally different algorithm to find and rank the search result.
It depends on File Browser Plugin to get the root of searching.


 - Enable partial matching search, search with path
 - Metedatas showed when searching: modified time, git status, file extention
 - Ignore the hidden files and the file cannot be opened by gedit
 - Options for case ignored or space ignored search


Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + O

When you type the query in the new query window, the box under the query line
will simultaneously update the search result.  The search space start from the
root of the file show in the file browser plugin.

The search result contains the files which matches the query along with some
metadata, including the extension name, the time of modification displayed in
relative form, and the git diff status if a folder .git is detected under the
root of the file browser.


The algorithm is intended to solve the problem that sometimes there are many
files having the same name (ie. index.erb), so search with path is a solution
to the problem.  However, I'm too lazy to enter the whole path name.  So this
is how the fuzzy search algorithm comes out.

 - there is point for each single match
 - the points increase for continue match, 1 point at first, 2 points at second,
   3 points at third, ... and so on

Eventually, the algorithm will match something like this:
amus         =>   app/models/user.rb
a/v/tclub    =>   app/view/theme/plain/club.erb

If you have any suggestion about the algorithm, please contact me and help me
improve it.


A plugin which supports fuzzy search in gedit. (forked from snapopen)



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