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Build complex applications without pain
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What is RCRE?

Everyone loves to use React to build apps, it's elegant and wonderful. But React does't tell you how to build a complex web application.

When an application becomes very complex, various issues arise, such as the state of the component, the relationship between the components, how to organize the API request, and how to handle form validation and submission. If you don't have a lot of experience to deal with these issues, your code will get worse and the bug will always be with you.

RCRE is a library that designed to make it easy for everyone to handle the above issues. It uses completely new design to make some complex problems easier. It has only a few React components, and you only need to known is write simple configuration and components to get everything done.

RCRE provide 5 powerful features that help you build your application right.

  1. Manage your component and application's state without writing action and reducers.
  2. Manage your API and trigger them automatically based on your component's state.
  3. Always keep your state immutable and not easy to break it.
  4. State change trigger form validation automatically.
  5. A task controller can help you separate complex user interactions into pure small tasks and assemble them with a simple config. wesd]sd

Getting Started

In-browser Playgrounds

You can play with RCRE in your web browser with these live online playgrounds.





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