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Vintage Story Server Mod Samples and Boilerplate

This repository contains multiple sample mods and a configured Visual Studio project that let's you start Vintage Story and test your mod directly from within Visual Studio.

  • You might need to fix the path to the references of Vintage Story (like VintagestoryAPI.dll, Newtonsoft). The project is configured to use the environment variable "VINTAGE_STORY" for the game directory (default installation path is %appdata%/Vintagestory).
  • There is a post build event that copies the .dll and .pdb files into bin/NameOfMod
  • The game starts (defined in the launchSettings.json) with the commandline argument --addModPath which has currentSolutionDir/bin as argument. Also it uses the VINTAGE_STORY environment variable (add it to your system or change it here to your path).
  • If you build in Release than the mods get copied to SolutionDir/release without pdb files.
  • Even Edit&Continue should work just fine \o/


For API Documentation and Guides please refer to our official Wiki


Vintage Story Servermod Examples




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