Vintage Story Servermod Examples
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Vintage Story Server Mod Samples and Boilerplate

This repository contains 2 sample mods and a neatly configured Visual Studio project that let's you start Vintage Story and test your mod directly from within Visual Studio.

  • You might need to fix the path to the refence VintagestoryAPI.dll. It always ships with the game. The default installation path is %appdata%/Vintagestory
  • In the Projects settings->Debug the full path to Vintagestory.exe is configured. Please adjust this one to your install path.
  • There is a post build event that copies the .dll and .pdb files into %appdata%/VintageStory/Mods. You only need to touch that one if you installed vintage story somewhere else
  • Two command line arguments --openWorld="modsamplestest" -p3 is set in the Project settings Debug tab as well. It cause Vintagestory to automatically start a superflat creative world for you to test the mod. A few other command line args are available
    • -oFoobar open a world named "foobar", if it doesn't exists it will create a new one
    • -p3 new worlds are created with given playstyle (1=normal terrain&survival, 3=superflat terrain&creative)
    • --rndWorld always creates a new world
  • A tiny mod RedirectLogs.cs is included that redirects the log output into the visual studio output window for developement and testing. You should not ship your mod with this one.
  • Even Edit&Continue should work just fine \o/


For API Documentation and Guides please refer to our official Wiki