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🚶🚶AppDaemon app to loosely couple entities
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Follow Me App

Buy Me A Coffee

An app to allow easy coupling of entities


This app is best installed using HACS, so that you can easily track and download updates.

Alternatively, you can download the follow_me directory from inside the apps directory here to your local apps directory, then add the configuration to enable the follow_me module.

How it works

You can define an instance of the app in your apps.yaml file for every "group" of leader/follower you have. When the leader turns on, the follower will, well... follow! Same goes for off. You can also make the follower assume the inverted state of the leader. Only works with on/off state.

App configuration

  module: follow_me
  class: Follow
  leader: group.living_room_lamps
  follower: switch.entertainment_center_lights,switch.christmas_tree
key optional type default description
module False string The module name of the app.
class False string The name of the Class.
leader False string OR comma separated The entity_id(s) you want to lead.
follower False string OR comma separated The entity_id(s) you want to follow leader state.
invert True boolean False Invert behavior of leader (if a leader turns off, followers turn on).

Issues/Feature Requests

Please feel free to open any issues or feature requests!

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