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Software for selling life-changing products to 1.2 billion off-grid consumers.


  1. nexus-embedded nexus-embedded Public

    Embedded implementations of Nexus Keycode (interoperable PAYG tokens) and Channel (secure device-to-device communication)

    C 6 2

  2. nexus-channel-models nexus-channel-models Public

    Library of standard OCF resources for off-grid products

    Ruby 2 2

  3. nexus-python nexus-python Public

    Python implementation of the Nexus Keycode encoder

    Python 2 1

  4. nexus-java nexus-java Public

    Java implementation of the Nexus Keycode encoder

    Java 3 1

  5. summon-buildkite-plugin summon-buildkite-plugin Public

    Buildkite plugin for secrets distribution using `summon`

    Shell 2


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