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Scraper and topic model for 10Ks
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Scraper & Topic Model for 10Ks

This project extracts and models topics based on public company disclosure in 10Ks. It consists of a scraper for a user-defined index of firm-based (across years) or industry-based (across firms) companies, text normalization and processing, file aggregation, and finally outputs n top LDA topics for each constructed index.

The original intention behind this project was research on identifying informational measures for financial disclosure.

Data Inputs

To run this project, collect a list of relevant 10Ks for each index of interest with the appropriate archive location in SEC Edgar. This can be obtained via WRDS or any other similar financial database.

Filing Crawler

The filing crawler extracts the actual 10K content from the filing, removes tables and non-textual data, and prepares documents for modeling.

Topic Generator

The topic generator generates n topics and outputs the top y words using LDA.

For each firm’s 10K textual data file, a term-document matrix is created and stop words are removed. Topics are generated using LDA. For this data, 30 topics and top 20 words per topic are recommended to legibly assess output.

To create firm-based topics, filings should be aggregated across years with 10 years as the recommended time frame to generate topics.

To create industry-based topics, filings should be aggregated over a relatively constrained index of comparable companies per a filing year to generate topics. The industry file generator aggregates documents by year to generate the relevant inputs.

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