@filipesilva filipesilva released this Sep 7, 2017 · 1235 commits to master since this release

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  • @angular/cli: verify Angular/TS version combos (ca344b1)
  • @angular/cli: add AOT parameter missingTranslation (385f423)
  • @angular/cli: show typescript version on ng version (#7372) (a3d062e)
  • @angular/cli: update webpack to latest version (c40624b)
  • @angular/cli: add option to set dev server's base serve path (2c6dde1)
  • @angular/cli: support sourcemaps and minification in scripts (e8f27f0), closes #2796 #7226 #7290
  • @angular/cli: Update generate & new to use schematics (128187e)
  • @angular/cli: update license-webpack-plugin (505d69a), closes #7203

Bug Fixes

  • @angular/cli: allow ts 2.5 (57d7246)
  • @angular/cli: fix asset watching (feb7d0b), closes #7521
  • @angular/cli: fix colors on git bash (#7569) (63d3950), closes #7239
  • @angular/cli: Increase keepAliveTimeout for Webpack Dev Server (e0b6b3c)
  • @angular/cli: use an empty host for ng new (53074b2)
  • @angular/cli: use require for @angular/core check (ec67c9a)
  • @angular/cli: Use the app default prefix when generating (ddcb326), closes #7522
  • @ngtools/webpack: don't show loader errors after compilation fails (#7575) (6bcdcfb)
  • @angular/cli: unlock build optimizer version (7155a81)
  • @angular/cli: Allow patch updates to @schematics/angular (#7483) (3881cae)
  • @angular/cli: New project now respect default styleExt (#7430) (8fa66d9), closes #5599
  • @angular/cli: Unpin version of @angular-devkit/schematics (9fa4ab0), closes #7492
  • @ngtools/webpack: decorate file system (#7471) (7c3bd6e)
  • @ngtools/webpack: show error stack on plugin (8d74c89)
  • @ngtools/webpack: wait for plugin when resolving ts requests (41d609c), closes #5137
  • @angular/cli: ensure new projects have a CLI package version (36ceacc)
  • @angular/cli: only install packages once for a new project (9edb30c)
  • @angular/cli: fix ever increasing lazy chunk name counter (d22c2bc)
  • @angular/cli: Revert change to config reading (99eba98)

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this release:

Filipe Silva, Mike Brocchi, Charles Lyding, Hans Larsen, mtraynham, Tembong Fonji, Steven Harris, Olivier Combe, KevinYang, Jim Cullison, Hans, Dmitriy Shekhovtsov, Dcalsky, Cotton Hou, Carlo Dapor, AntoineC, Anisetus Elly Efendi, Andrew Wong, Aditya Parab