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Deep learning model to identify a scene/character from 10 different animated movies
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Project: Animated Movie Classification using Deep Learning

Live demo:

This is a repo for this detailed blog post. Including Grad-CAM visualization Python module (code and use cases) and notebooks containing training processes and steps. If you want to trace my process, here is the order (for more details you can visit the blog post):

  1. crop-fix.ipynb
  2. google-image-download.ipynb
  3. image-augmentation.ipynb
  4. resnet-training-with-upsampling.ipynb
  5. final-training-all-images.ipynb
  6. live-action-model-check.ipynb

Tools use: Fastai library which built on top of Pytorch 1.0, Matplotlib, scikit-image, google-images-download

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