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Improving social communication starting with speech

It's okay, we know you're not alone

Everyone has stage fright, even Bill Gates. You're not alone and we have a solution for you!

Syft lets you practice speeches on virtual stages (using VR) so that you can overcome stage fright. It even uses Google's Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze your speech and give you feedback!


Natural Language Processing

Using Microsoft Azure and Bing's Speech to Text API alongside Google's NLP API, Syft is able to create an aggregate of the linguistic data from the user's speech to create a more accurate evaluation of the speaker

Virtual Reality

Syft takes advantage of the power of VR to place the user in a stage with an active crowd, so that the speaker can practice his/her speech in a more accurate environment

Detailed Analytics

Syft analyzes your speech in real time looking specifically for stutters, Rhythm, project, vigor, and even applies sentiment analysis

Analysis and Feedback System

Syft analyzes stutters, rhythm, projection, vigor, and even performs sentiment anlysis!

Made with...

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Bing speech
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Android
  • Google Cardboard
  • Unity Game Engine
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