Improve Flask-RESTFul's behavior. Add some new features.
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Translate the document into English was a bit difficult, I have tried.


Improve Flask-RESTFul's behavior. Add some new features.

All features that shown below was optional, choose according to your needs.

Improve error handling


Flask-RESTFul's error handler can only output error message for the exceptions that raised by itself.

This make it can handling other kind of exceptions in same way.

api = restful_extend.ErrorHandledApi(app)   # instead of `api = restful.Api(app)`

class MyRoutes(Resource):
    def get(self):
        raise Exception("errmsg")   # now, the 'errmsg' can output to client

Improve JSON support

enhance JSON encode ability


Support more data type by default, and you can simply add supports for new data type.

# This is a custom type, you can't direct return a value of this type in Flask or Flask-RESTFul.
class RationalNumber(object):
    def __init__(self, numerator, denominator):
        self.numerator = numerator
        self.denominator = denominator

api = restful.Api(app)

# Enable enhanced json encode feature

# create and register a custom encoder, to encode your custom type to serializable value.
def rational_encoder(rational):
    return rational.numerator * 1.0 / rational.denominator

api.json_encoder.register(rational_encoder, RationalNumber)

class MyRoutes(Resource):
    def get(self):
        return RationalNumber(1, 5)     # now you can return the value of your custom type directly

support JSONP


Respond jsonp request automatically

api = restful.Api(app)

class MyRoutes(Resource):
    def get(self):
        return dict(foo='bar')

api.add_resource(MyRoutes, '/my_routes')

# normal request: /my_routes                    response: {"foo": "bar"}
# jsonp request:  /my_routes?callback=my_cb     response: my_cb({"foo": "bar"})

SQLAlchemy related extend



Extend Flask-RESTFul's marshal_with decorator's behavior. Auto define fields for ORM model.

class MyRoutes(Resource):
        # With `marshal_with_model`, you can return an model instance or model query
        # in view function directly.
        @marshal_with_model(MyModel, excludes=['id'])
        def get(self):
          return MyModel.query      # response: [my_model1, my_model2, ...]

        # If you need return different type of model in different situation, you can use `quick_marshal`
        def post(self):
          if something:
              return quick_marshal(MyModel)(MyModel.query.get(1))   # response: my_model
              return quick_marshal(HisModel)(HisModel.query)        # response: [his_model1, ...]

fast register URL converter for model


api = restful.Api(app)

class Student(db.model):
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name =  Column(String(50))


class MyRoutes(object):
    def get(self, classmate):

api.add_resource(MyRoutes, '/classmates/<Student:classmate>')

# request: /classmates/102      response: {"id": 102, "name": "superman"}

According to specified model's definition Create a RequestParser


required: fixed_type (see next section)

class Student(db.model):
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name =  Column(String(50))
    age = Column(Integer)

class MyRoutes(object):
    def post(self):
        # use `make_request_parser` quickly create a `RequestParser`
        parser = make_request_parser(Student)

        # you can update the parser as usual

        request_data = parser.parse_args()
        print request_data['name'], request_data['age']
        # do something...

class MyRoutes2(object):
    def post(self):
        # if you want padding the request data to a model,
        # you can use `populate_model`, it's more convenience.
        model = Student.query.get(1)
        populate_model(model)   # the model was updated use user request data

Improve Argument type handling



Change reqparse.Argument.convert's original behavior.

You should call this function before use make_request_parser, populate_model or fixed types.

fixed types

A set of customized type_constructor.

Use them in place of int、str、datetime... to be the type used in Argument's type parameter, this can provide some additional feature.

Model validates


Simplify and extend SQLAlchemy's attribute validates process. This function has no relationship with Flask-RESTful.

More Details

For more details, please read the documents in source.