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Philosophy and prototypes

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  1. lithopia lithopia Public

    Blockchain and satellite experiments for a fictional village

    JavaScript 13 4

  2. NonFungibleScience NonFungibleScience Public

    Tamper-proof system for scientific data that stores an unfalsifiable signature of a scientific experiment (token including a hash of the dataset + metadata characterizing the scientific equipment, …

    C++ 1 1

  3. node-omxplayer-sync node-omxplayer-sync Public

    Forked from heisters/node-omxplayer-sync

    Synchronize omxplayer instances over a network using OSC


  4. futures futures Public

    Emergent science and tech tarot cards

  5. BiopoliticalChewing BiopoliticalChewing Public

    Chewing as means of biopolitical control. Library of chewing samples, AI training, blockchain experiments and piezo based sensors

    Jupyter Notebook

  6. Pof-Tarot-Game Pof-Tarot-Game Public

    Forked from 5shekel/Pof-Tarot-Game

    Naïve Playing Card Recognition using OpenCV / Python



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