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Application running

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This repository holds the source code for the website that runs

Getting started

The required gems are listed in the .gems file. To get up and running, preferably using a gemset, run:

gem install dep
dep install

Now you need to clone the redis-doc project, and set its path in the REDIS_DOC environment variable before starting the server or running the tests.

Finally, you need to have a redis-server running on port 6379.

To start the website:

REDIS_DOC=/path/to/redis-doc rackup

To run the tests, you also need to install cutest and capybara:

gem install cutest capybara

Now, just run:

REDIS_DOC=/path/to/redis-doc rake

Or to run the tests in a particular file:

REDIS_DOC=/path/to/redis-doc cutest test/some_file.rb
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