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Information Extraction from Randomised Clinical Trials

IERCT extracts key trial information (patient group, treatments, outcome measure, results) from abstracts of Randomised Clinical Trial reports.

take_abstract.take(pmid,path) retrieves the abstract of a RCT report (identified by "pmid") from the PubMed website, and saves it in a disk location ("path") in a format readable by the preprocessing module

preprocessing_functions.preprocess_file(filename) preprocesses the abstract given in "filename" performing part-of-speech tagging, text normalization, chunking and semantic categorization.

preprocessing_functinos.preprocess_data(preprocess_from, read_dat) batch preprocesses the abstracts in "preprocess_from"

classifier_functions.apply_features(data, feature_extractor) returns a list of feature sets for each preprocessed abstract in "data", where the features are extracted by the function "feature_extractor" (i.e. classifier_functions.feature_extractor)

the class classifier_functions.Classifier(feature_extractor) contains the main methods for training the model and identifying the information items. classifier_functions.Classifier.train(train_data) trains the model on the abstracts in "train_data" as returned by classifier_functions.apply_features classifier_functions.Classifier.batch_tagger(test_data,excluded) identifies the information items by tagging the abstracts given in "test_data" (in "excluded" is a list of indexes of tokens that we do not want the model to consider, and it is returned by classifier_functions.apply_features along with the feature set)

For a demo output run

from ierct.src import classifier_functions

the classes classifier_evaluation.HoldOut(classifier,test_set,excluded) and classifier_evaluation.CrossValidation(classifier,data,excluded,folds) perform evaluation routines for the classifier instance "classifier" (classifier_functions.Classifier) and the test data in "test_set" (classifier_evaluation.HoldOut) or for a number of Cross Validation folds ("folds") in "data" (classifier_evaluation.CrossValidation). classifier_evaluation.HoldOut.tabulate_evaluation_measures() and classifier_evaluation.CrossValidation.tabulate_evaluation_measures() print the results

Run to replicate the results with the datasets in "./data".

Run to see a demo output.


  • Python 2.7 or higher
  • scipy
  • numpy
  • nltk (*)
  • re
  • GeniaTagger 3.0.1 (**)
  • sklearn
  • gurobipy
  • beatifulsoup4
  • html5lib
  • json
  • urlib
  • shelve

(*) The stopword corpus is needed. Instructions here.

(**) Install Genia Tagger files in "%ProgramFiles%\geniatagger-3.0.1". A windows port can be found here (many thanks to Syeed Ibn Faiz for this).



Automated extraction of key information from randomised clinical trial reports.




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